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"Remon played a crucial role in shaping our current and future customer communication strategies."

Japser van der Velde
Head of Marketing

I am sure you have heard about wine-clubs. They're memberships that allow you to order selections of wines on a regular basis. But Drinksnc takes it a step further. Using cutting-edge AI software, they suggest wines that are perfectly tailored to your taste. You can log in to your personal dashboard and select wines, and once you receive them, you can rank them and provide feedback on what you liked (or didn't like). This information helps the AI system make better recommendations in the future, ensuring that you get the perfect wine every time.

Drinksnc approached us to help refine their brand identity after two years of rapid growth. They were ready to take the next step and wanted a look and feel that truly reflected their core values. And so, our journey with Drinksnc began.

Traditional sector, modern technoligy

To refine Drinksnc's brand identity, we conducted two branding sessions, each lasting two hours of brainstorming. The goal of these sessions was to gain a deeper understanding of the company's core values and effectively communicate those values to their users. It's crucial to approach this exercise from the perspective of the customer, looking at the brand through their eyes.

In the first session, it became clear that many customers struggle to understand how AI can help with wine selection. This is because the wine sector is steeped in tradition, and technology or software is not usually associated with it. As a result, we needed to find a way to bridge this gap and clearly communicate the value proposition of Drinksnc's AI-powered wine selection.

In the second session, we worked to identify the different issues that frequently came up in conversations with customers over the last two years. This allowed us to better predict how to communicate with customers and answer their questions before they even had a chance to ask. This creates a sense that the brand understands the needs and desires of its customers, making for a more positive user experience.

Through these sessions, we were able to refine Drinksnc's brand identity and messaging, resulting in a clearer and more effective communication strategy.

Talking about AI in a simple way

When it comes to technology, finding the right balance between providing enough details and avoiding confusion can be a challenge. This is especially true when discussing AI technology, which can be a complex and difficult subject to explain. To overcome this hurdle, we decided to personify the AI by visualizing it as a helpful robot that assists users with selecting wine.

By creating a relatable persona for the AI, we accomplished two things: first, we gave something intangible a face, making it easier for users to connect with the technology. Second, we helped people understand what AI can do for them. We wanted to emphasize that, once users gave their feedback, the AI would select wines based on their preferences and tastes, just like a sommelier would.

This approach not only makes the technology more approachable and user-friendly but also highlights the unique value proposition of Drinksnc's AI-powered wine selection. By personifying the AI and using it to enhance the user experience, Drinksnc can differentiate itself from competitors and provide a more personalized service to its customers.

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