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To save time and avoid process-related worries, it's crucial to develop applications and websites using a systemized approach. By implementing a proven system, you can achieve these goals efficiently. With over 15 years of experience in software development, I've utilized a wide range of approaches, including Agile and Waterfall structures, to deliver successful projects. Below, you'll find a selection of the projects I've been fortunate to be involved in.


Research is the foundation of any successful project, as it helps establish the project's purpose and goals. At the outset, we ask critical questions such as who the product/service is intended for, what features should be included, and who our competition is. By finding answers to these questions at the initial stage, we can ensure that the project moves forward with a clear and concise direction.

UI/UX design

Once we have established the project's goals and feature set, we can begin to focus on the application's look and feel. This approach allows us to quickly test and refine the application's user interface and user experience, without having to invest time and resources in building it out fully. And adjusting later.


With the research and design phase complete, we can now shift our focus to the development of the application. By leveraging the resources gathered during the initial stages, we can make informed decisions that will drive the development process forward. This approach allows us to focus on executing tasks rather than on making critical decisions, enabling us to deliver a high-quality product efficiently.

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